Upper Room was started in 2013 when we played at the Colorado Bell in Laughlin Nevada for a Shriners Convention. Herb Townsend was asked by the shriners to try and get a band together to play for the evening dinner party. At that time Herb was in the praise band at First Christian Church here in Yuma. So he asked the lead guitar player, Ken Whitson and the bass player Tom Fell who were also in the praise band at church and still are and they both said yes. After playing our first gig as a band we enjoyed the music and had enjoyed the funwe had and the compliments we got, so we decided to stay together. Shortly after that we added a rhythm guitar player by the name Danny Chavez and it seemed to click and our music was very popular in the RV parks all around Yuma and the outlying areas. For the next few years our calendar of events grew to where we were playing 5 and 6 days a week.

We placed Number three in the Yuma Sun for “Best in Yuma”for 2015 and then second place for best band in 2016. We started donating our time and God given talents playing in all the assisted Living places here in Yuma and wanted to share our music to those folks who cannot get out due to medical problems they have. What a joy it was to see how much they enjoyed our music.

On Sunday May 4th 2014, The Yuma Sun published an Article on Upper Room Band on the front page of the LIFE section of the paper. Its title was “Not too old to Rock and Roll”. What a treat it was for us to be recognized by the Yuma Sun.

Our Rhythm player Danny had to drop out of the band due to some medical problems and moved to Phoenix to be closer to family. This was quite an obstacle for the band to try and find someone to fill Dannys’ shoes. Sam Cervantes who took up the position of Rhythm guitar and vocals. He too is in the praise band at First Christian Church and the good LORD knows how to bless the Upper Room Band in every way.

I also need to give a big Thank You to all the musicians who have stepped in at one time or another to help us fill in the voids. Dominic Antonelli, Rick Keeling, Caleb Paden, David Whitson and Dustin Womer and Frank Walls.